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Each year, for last couple decades I have shared my Experience, Strength and Hope and a promise of FREEDOM from active addiction for those who are continuing the daily work,those who have finally realized"ITS TIME" to make that 100% 1st STEP and those still caught in the grip Join me in celebration.To all who have shared with me through the years on this board and in the outside world ,blessings and continued grace and mercy..


It was a very cold December 2nd morning in 1984 as I "came to" from another drug induced evening .I  was 6 months into my 3rd marriage and the more than two and a half decades of active drug addiction/alcoholism was devastating my life and everything and everyone in its path. I lifted my head  from the floor of a farmhouse in Rhinebeck NY in 1984  and swore, for the first time,that I was going to stop using or I was going to  die like may of my posse already had. My heart cried out to the God of my understanding. My wife of 6 months (3rd) and my own  life was what I was finally choosing and it was the first time I completely surrendered and admitted that I was an addict/alcoholic and needed help. The early years were not easy, but I did whatever it took until one miraculous day, the desire to use was no longer with me. I continue, every day I am graced with since that day of a 100% admission and acceptance of surrender to our illness, to work in OUR solution, the application of the 12 STEPS in all areas of life and be guided by the God of my own understanding...Join me in celebration ,through God's grace and mercy and my continued daily work to being Free of active addiction/alcoholism for 35 years of uninterrupted recovery one day at a time. The message is Hope and the Promise is freedom working a daily program and knowing there can never be a "first one" for US again. I pray daily for those who may still suffer "caught in the grip" and know that with that 1st STEP, incorporated 100% into our daily lives, WE can find freedom FROM THE OBSESSION,COMPULSION AND INSANITY OF ACTIVE ADDICTION. In humble gratitude and Joy I am blessed to still be here to share in my family and grand children's  lives .One day at a time ,can  turn into decades based on my own evidence .I firmly believe, with God(of your own understanding even if that is no god at all)all things are possible! WE do the daily work, seek that fit spiritual condition and pay it forward to the best of our abilities. WE are all "newcomers" to each day, some of us have just been treating ourselves  a little longer than others but WE all can begin by putting down the substance, share from your heart and trust in that Power greater than ourselves ,"Lost  dreams can awaken and new possibilities can arise" In support of all doing the work, those who are deciding how to do this(find a sponsor, homegroup and meeting place) and do the daily work) and those still caught in the grip.Take that 1st STEP toward a New Life...Make that decision today, CHOOSE LIFE....   :)  Peace and Serenity ODAT! 


Our purpose is to remain clean,just for today,and to carry the message of recovery. 

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Thanks for sharing and congratulations!

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veganism = ++trustability && --exploitativity.

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Congrats MikeF! Thanks for giving me a 5 year look into the future ;)

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