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Post Info TOPIC: JFT July 12, 2018 Patience


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JFT July 12, 2018 Patience


Page 202

"We were trapped by our need for the instant gratification that drugs gave us."

Basic Text, p. 25

"I want what I want, and I want it now!" That's about as patient as most of us ever got in our active addiction. The obsession and compulsion of our disease gave us a "one-track" way of thinking; when we wanted something, that's all we thought about. And the drugs we took taught us that instant gratification was never more than a dose away. It's no wonder that most of us came to Narcotics Anonymous with next to no patience.

The problem is, we can't always get what we want whenever we want it. Some of our wishes are pure fantasy; if we think about it, we'll realize we have no reason to believe those wishes will be fulfilled in our lifetimes. We probably can't even fulfill all our realistic desires; we certainly can't fulfill them all at once. In order to acquire or achieve some things, we will have to sacrifice others. 

In our addiction we sought instant gratification, squandering our resources. In recovery we must learn to prioritize, sometimes denying the gratification of some desires in order to fulfill more important long-term goals. To do so requires patience. To find that patience, we practice our program of recovery, seeking the kind of full-bodied spiritual awakening that will allow us to live and enjoy life on life's terms.

Just for Today: Higher Power, help me discover what's most important in my life. Help me learn patience, so that I can devote my resources to the important things.

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its hooked up to survival system. a neural wiring.




cancelling out supression of neurality/holistic interconnections (financial/social situation etc.), desires, perceived needed and actually needed.


can be upholding childhood memories "artificially/unsustainably like loan" to not lose love/empathic connection to nature.


sacrificing long-term/health/ahead for immediate.


better with sustainability and 1-day at a time heal through available tools/method/support.




neurolinguistic programming - aligning and unlocking.


finally able to think/write/talk a bit like pre2016 psychiatric abuse. America should protect citizens against such places by military force. i doubt typically as bad as what i went through. dk/Europe /non-geo feeling ownership - brainwashed and brain like shredded. Lost greencard shortly after unable to apply for returning resident visa <<<<<properly, in time etc. - all provable otherwise and lacking evidence compatible what i was convinced was "common ground" and would not be dismissed as paranoid and psychiatrically insane as i had been labeled. years of atheist contact and years of repeated traumapoking even by the mother to me/through>>>>>


. having as i landed in dk 2016 had many thoughts and days after, magically relapsing and cutting greencard in 6 pieces, convinced by the "gotta end moving back and forth cyclically no matter what, being stuck the toll too large not getting anywhere desperately living at the hope of life getting better". following years of being drugged and supressed (and possibly brainwashed?).

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