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Post Info TOPIC: JFT February 13 The ties that bind


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JFT February 13 The ties that bind

"As long as the ties that bind us together are stronger than those that would tear us apart, all will be well."

Basic Text, p. 60


Many of us feel that without NA we would surely have died from our disease.  Hence, its existence is our very lifeline.  However, disunity is an occasional fact of life in Narcotics Anonymous; we must learn to respond in a constructive way to the destructive influences that sometimes arise in our fellowship.  If we decide to be part of the solution instead of the problem, we are headed in the right direction.

Our personal recovery and the growth of NA is contingent upon maintaining an atmosphere of recovery in our meetings.  Are we willing to help our group deal constructively with conflict?  As group members, do we strive to work out difficulties openly, honestly, and fairly?  Do we seek to promote the common welfare of all our members rather than our own agenda?  And, as trusted servants, do we take into consideration the effect our actions might have on newcomers?

Service can bring out both the best and the worst in us.  But it is often through service that we begin to get in touch with some of our more pressing defects of character.  Do we shrink from service commitments rather than face what we might find out about ourselves?  If we bear in mind the strength of the ties that bind us together--our recovery from active addiction--all will be well.


Just for today:  I will strive to be of service to our fellowship.  I will be unafraid to discover who I am.




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The fellowship has been fed some stuff in the past, is fed some stuff etc. and began in a manner where a situation of "disunity" will be necessary to continue/some things happen; for unity to being there still:

For that we need a trustable enough environment, one where we can go through a period of disunity.

There exists no such place currently.
Sorry, now it went into self-projection; "the best places that exist are ecovillages and zen stuff" - also convincing the fellowship to support something specific.

Its overcomeable without such a period;
Decreasing biostrain; meat and dairy anonymous - transitioning meetings to better situations, transforming and recycling meetings where there are many of the same 12 step programme already - tropical alignment (personal strength; living in tropical environment and through main transport lines travelling to regions where winter is when summer - during winter only on excursions/missions/validified purposeful endeavours).

Yes indeed I am being manipulated by ancestral lines and similar, it being named as "missions" and "tricking my insane mind to being where I belong" (furthering the damage on my mind).

Its still a simple truth; microbiologically.

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