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Hello Family - I'm Liz from Long Island, New York.  Feeling sick and woobly (is that a word?) right now.  Today is day one.  I "made a decision" last night and asked a good sober friend (actually she's never done drugs) to come to my house and help me do what I could not do on my own.  She took all - I MEAN ALL - the prescription drugs out of the house.  Even my brand-new prescription for sleeping pills which I was in tears to let go of.  In fact I've been in tears on and off all night and the past week.  Too much "HOLIDAYS" .   Do you know what I mean? 

Good news is - I am not currently physically addicted to any drugs, this last run just lasted about a week or so.  Hopefully I won't have any horrendous withdrawal as I did with opiates or as from benzos.

Anyone want to say Hi Liz - you're not nuts, you just feel that way right now.  Or something.




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Welcome Back Liz,

You're in the right place. The sick and woobly feelings will pass. Get yourself to a meeting.

THAT'S YOUR MEDICINE NOW!!! It works, i don't know how but it does. Just wanted to say hi and welcome back.




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yea,,, keep coming back,, it works if you will it,,,

take my will and my life,

guide me in my recocvery

show me how to live(and love)

the NA WAY !!!

Remember that powerful wonderous prayer ???repeat,repeat,repeat !!!

"There are more things wrought by prayer than the mind can think of"

hugs on cyber from a faraway recovering friedn called Raman ,an addict,,clean and serene just for today !!!

Raman an addict clean and serene just for today in NA Worldwide ; live to love and love to live the NA Way !!!

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Glad you are here Liz,
Have you looked at
"In Times of Illness" is a helpful booklet to read when you actually need prescription drugs, as we all do at some point in our recovery. All things pass, even the helpless and hopeless feelings we get when we clean up and start to face life instead of running from it.
Yeah woobly is a word, or at least I understand it, having been there too.
Welcome home,, recovery is not the destination, it is a journey.


Courage is not the towering oak that sees storms come and go; it is the fragile blossom that opens in the snow.----Alice Mackenzie Swaim


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Hi Liz,

Crying and woobly is probably a good thing for you right now. It is the foundation for the healing that is starting. Go ahead and cry and wooble, perferrably at a meeting. There is a whole program full of people waiting to embrace you.




Dawn L.
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