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Just one last thing..

//I worry for the safety of me writing this, but tradition 1 rules.. Perhaps its old knowledge, perhaps I am learning, but this is one of the things I tried to point at. Its a dynamical description of an ongoing issue across meetings everywhere. Uh.. I dont want to press submit but I feel obliged to//


## a bit further elaboration on what this all was about ##


First think of how there is massive hollow around the world; lack, need, craving, poority, desperation, hunger, cravings, seekings, greed etc. 


=## hollow

[hollow_points dimensions centering]: wrong form from 0.00..%-parts = become 0.00..%-parts in occurences = responses wronging more = hollow_loop.

Unaligned [microbiology, prana, functionality, particles, lives, consumption patterns, habits] seeking fulfillment (like human blocked exercising).


This creates a consuming pull; seekings of fulfillment.


From a mountaintop water will run towards the center of the planet, seeking a settled state, even if going through more cycles like vaporizing > clouds > rain > seeking settled state. 


Similarly the described pulls find a fulfillment path. Sadly NA happens to protect people against drug abuse, generates counter-rationalization, cancels out denial etc. thus is like a threat to such fulfillment - the dynamic that forms is essentially something like an infection gripping into NA. 


An example of a fulfillment path is people drugged with certain drugs - unquestionably and undeniably to a point of it nearing being illegal or outright dangerous to speak out; rationalization form (rationalize on one drug = it works, its good, its no problem, .. ends up applied to yet other drugs = people relapse), denial arises (blind eyes turned, things ignored, things impossible to take up in group conscience or so normal), group pressures and people covertly triggered to act out (not specifically intended but it occurs due to sensivities and such), desires of conflict and disunity for ease.


A result is in turn that NA becomes weaker/more dysfunctional/takes more work/etc. and thus areas are not quite as able to recover and are heavier struck. In turn the hollow worsens, desires of fulfillment increase and the infection worsen.


I too am stuck one stuck on the kind of drugs rationalized as no issue - even promoted at times very actively in the rooms; powerless in that I neither can live with the drugs nor without as I am entered into the addicted state again.


//Its not that anyone should be unwelcome, rejected or denied recovery on basis of this (which, before consciously processed, likely (certainly) was occuring). Admitting one is powerless and continuing using the drugs is a simple way to combat things; I am not one to suggest not working with doctors (though its mostly out of fear I write that - while wisdom is important especially with advanced/potent drugs like is administered sometimes - once one is hooked one kinda gotta go from there, yeah?). By the way I am and was for 2 years trying to get all I wrote here deleted, much of it is .. not for so public a space.. Sorry for breaking at the end and the perception of me as insane and deniable pushed through. I hope yall dont hate me, I love yall people in recovery here (and heck, I am still alive which is a miracle (and as clean as I am despite now medically drugged))//


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