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Post Info TOPIC: conclusion: Its a spiritual disease/occurence, powerlessness, hope and recovery is possible


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conclusion: Its a spiritual disease/occurence, powerlessness, hope and recovery is possible

##Caught the bastard##

hunt: Look to the material structuring - how lets say a vacuum cleaner; restructured realitystructuring, looks. Its not so health, lacks like skin and protection of the alignment state of particles. Its the same with cars and buildings (minimalism seem vital for all mankind/universe..). Similarly how people, rather than building from bottom, are trained and educated and inserted into a fixated positionment - completely neglecting minimum requirements. All this is severely non-wholesome and is a fulfillment path - indicating severe impatience. The severe impatience in turn indicate hollow and lack by influencefactors and the realityrestructuring origin (humanoids are a biotechnological channeling of seekings - like this a nemesical channeling of extreme hatred by many severely harmed). This hollow however originate not from potential beings/actors/carriers/individuals stuck in or carrying out the hollow, but in the %-parts part of shaping the occurence (negative words, a maldeed, nonsustenance, unaligned action by many unique points continuing on existing wrongfully - all tiny parts forming to a sum of culmination into hollow and blocked resolvence of hollow). This in turn is a root/a major origin of the denial of responsibility, %-parts in causing harmful manifestation, judgement and terror responses stopping at the immediate medium for an occurence forming - avoidance of crediting of horror. 

I.e. at a spiritual metaphysical level exist presence that likely both terrorize immediate origin of the realityrestructuring flow mankind sprang from as a seekings channeling - a bit non-wholesome, too impatience, too unaligned to sorrounds i.e. ending up with a circumstance of severe sacrificing addiction essentially being sacrificing addiction abuse of a lot, generating fulfillment to hollow that predates at least mankind. This [denial, rationalization, suppression of responsibility, "hands clean", where what it seems within a limited range (such as one sacrificed and another thus being healthier but achieving that at the sacrificing of the other - even as the sacrificed ends up blamed despite the one seeming healthier (irregarding how thats achieved) or seeming less unaligned even though like taking the hits but that outside limited perceptual range (thus hated), the ignoring and leaving out certain things, ..] essentially is part of shaping much of the dysfuntion and malresolvence/blocked resolvence we experience on planet earth. 

Its like tracing pre-ground zero and root of dysfunction. Next the is; what is the part of me in that and what can I do to detach and distance from participation w/o that willingness misused to deny, pacify, control me away or monkify and exploit me for more of the same. Simply applying the steps: A occurence that results from the described dynamical occurence (like occurence originated/bred by occurence - yay for antinatalism and fundamental equality considering that there certainly is a resolvement spirit attached to the occurence that I currently serve - in turn leading to less relapses, less stuck in drug addiction, greater clarity to abide the traditions etc.) ..... occurence that spring from above mentioned vileness is that the entire universe, a massive coherence of beings (note number of animals killed and held in horrible circumstances yearly and thats just the animals farmed in a specific way), civilization etc. is extensively wronged, heavily exploitative, pulled into participation, as a structural phenomena feared due to predictable retaliation upon growth and thus attempted harnessed i.e. causing more sacrificing addiction i.e. using drugs through bodies of others or addictive causing of dysfunction due to growing up in- and repetetive exposure to exploitation - something that there is a fateflow present in the direction of ever worsening and any participant ending up on the side exploited eventually as a factor/unique energetical structuring. Service like this is however part of transmuting the suffering of all life/universe - hunting for causes of dysfunction, suffering, horror-occurences, causes of addiction directly or less directly, drains of prana.

//sry, less than 24h since I was drugged last. Sure writing seem better, thats because of a lot of other things and less conflicts and influenes plu sits essentially an achiever high - would degrade over time but causes the illusion that drugs are such a good idea and way to deal with all the inconvenient troublesomeness or that its a matter of greater good that I must use drugs for desired consumeable service to be - I hate drugs more than ever. I just really wanted to share "the meal" in part as thats too heavy to digest for me or personal outreach network//

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