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Found one I can identify to at a depth

## See post on "being like crack in crackpipe" and "prana vampirism"


I vvas guided to a segment, that I learned to read (a circumstance described):

Essentially informs that from the earth to the sun and the earth to the center of the galaxy (black hole) forms a stream of yoga/prana/light/love achieved by yoga being done; one vvould not vvant this stream to be tainted by the hurrying gaining might and povver by sacrificing others - the practice of patience, clean yoga from non-using (including through bodies of others) fundamentally better forming a healthier "offering"/consumeable and resulting gain of strength/capacity/attractiveness/prettiness/fame/attainment/etc. - yet this attained by the rape-like misuse of a male sexually, used like a drug; connection, prana, influence, passive forming etc. and therethrough "improving the yoga". A joy of the vvilling participation in the programme - yet a sadness upon being people misused and relapsing, sometimes used until no more useable or till some point reached and the using then hidden and individual cast aside in the invisible/suppressed/drugged/denied: Oh I can relate, but actually aint I that talks of.


So the part I sought to describe but pretty much magically forgot:

Vvhen "the right/good/loving/light/proper/aligned/trusted and granted authority/etc." misuse beings its scary, because its very vvell hidden, that does not make it okay to be stupid and target gurus by claims of kinds nor neglecting facts to things like manipulation, gain of presedence, tempting into, harness applied, triggering and other deniability used to target such; even at times if doing vvrong (%-parts to forming of occurence's) - that does not mean to neglect individuals suffering at occurences such as sexually exploited (females can also be a bit... 13th stepping males) - sometimes in povver, able, in control, able to deny things, able to tvvist things into the minds of not just young men, pointing at, forming social povver pointed at etc.

Such individuals, nearly alvvays vvill be either hidden in the invisible, deniable by various social structures targeting such etc. - heck perhaps most people finding vvay to the programmes is fundamentally similar to such.

Personal experience is not really physical sexual abuse; its more like collective targeting of I (mostly not males and very seldomly so (its just a different tone?) and not really same of age except locally but even then mostly a bit older) and I think mostly to hide and deny misuse of certain tools and structures to be in control.


Nevvcomer comes first, right?
Talk, tell, do so rightly but do, inform, share, learn and note: Vve are anonymous - there is alvvays a place to tell and if there aint one can come to be for that is in accordance vvith tradition 1 - no matter hovv inconvnenient something may be and to hovv many - including I (for I shall certainly benefit from recovery being sustainable, trustvvorthy, right, aligned etc. - but even that ends up misused to suppress things said - "its not right"/"its not by tradition 1"/"its a demon" etc.)

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