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Post Info TOPIC: Conclusions to writings on these fora

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Conclusions to writings on these fora

I received a rejection for the returning resident visa yesterday. 


Looking at the pattern, now having surplus to be able to, I see the US throwing me out. 


I do not mind that being done, in the full right to, however the way this has been done I resent severely; especially in the lacking directness. 


A simple "you are being sent out/deported/you cannot stay" would have been causing far fewer issues and damages to my life and that of many others. 


I have noticed these online 12 step forums and chats seemingly reserved for US citizens, as such I shall lay of the usage. I feel sad for having written all that I have here, shared a lot of my heart and soul. I do respect a farewell when I get one though; one of my experiences as being rather vital for my own health to (some people unable to accept that I discontinued relations).


Thank you for my time tied/connected with the USA. 


Complaining and various; worth the read if you care to. 

A swifter conclusion would have been less worse, you might not quite be able to imagine the extent to which I have suffered and how this has affected things I have thought and said; pushing away support and closing doors (such as blacklisting Asia as a destination of travel excepting Japan and telling my jobadvisor I'd likely be leaving; having to prepare for this being the case).

I was not expecting to gain the returning resident visa though, until manipulated into expecting.   


I do feel on bare bottom in terms of lingually having adapted to English speaking environments and not having travelled to the rest of the world during the past 6 years of my life. I still respect being denied continuing residence and thus relations; I will not leave this an open wound of discontinuity. I will cut ties with the US to the extent possible, to be able to move on. 


I am scared when it comes to how to go about the 12 step programme though, its a main driver in the direction of relapse.


What saddens me is I feel much like a computer that NSA has had its hands in; backdoors built, this scares me, causes me fear. 


I end ties as thoroughly as I can, this is an ended tie due to the nature of the relation. Its not just being denied residence; nor shall I attempt or accept future propositions of residence, visa or similar. I will be like a ghost if I do not, it being in the back of my head hindering me from living.

I was attempted pushed away by some on some chats etc.; I thank+resent these for the method. 

I am scared as I have boycott phones (not going to sacrifice people in asia, africa etc. - lack of fairtrade (ecology etc. involved in their functionality being kept up)) and continue to, these forums having been my only means of communication; nor shall I take up facebook again.

Thank you for listening. I resent having been tricked into writing so much here; much like access to my pattern of thinking.



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I don't understand , your resident visa for traveling to the USA was rejected? How long did you have it? How often did you use it??

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