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Post Info TOPIC: Is there a guideline about this? Or, am I being used by others?


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Is there a guideline about this? Or, am I being used by others?

I am the treasurer for a meeting that currently does not have a GSR.  My sponsor who is also the literature person for this same meeting says that since the group has no GSR that I am 'next in line' as far as going to Area meetings, buying more literature, as well as other supplies. Or, does it sound to you like I am being told this only because THEY don't want to have to go to the Area meeting themselves?

Something tells me that I am just being used so that others don't have to go to the Area meeting on behalf of this meeting.

If this IS in the guidelines, please tell me where to find it!  If not, what do yuo think I should say to my sponsor?



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Step up guy it's a privilege to serve. In my home group there are 4 or 5 who never volunteer to chair, much less serve as Treasurer or GSR. So what? I do it anyway!!


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1. Its a good thing to learn to say no and set boundaries. Your sponsor also needs feedback on vvhat is not okay and your relationship can grovv by doing so.

2. Service is neat! There are often issues vvith area service due to corruption and issues vvith upholding traditions and "every group .." and things like that. Not experience, a dynamic observed. If you care for alterations of such kind to the fellovvship I suggest you vvalk the path yourself to become able to, you vvhom is hooking me to try and do that vvork; its not that hard, I'll happily guide you to, I can even sponsor you. Its possible although not exactly that enjoyable to be made able to. Reminds me, I am not some inheritor of something trying to force a role upon me that something has upheld to this point.

3. Trust in the fellovvship is more important, if you feel you are being sacrificed its your duty to not be as othervvise vvill drain trustability and thus people feel less safe in the fellovvship. This means less and "vvorse" nevvcomers as people can sense the mistrust - by this I infer not "consumption"; I try even though vvriting is tvvisted to vvrite that external to the fellovvship vvill sense the lacking coherence and mistrust grovving; exactly as these should to be able to provide and partake in the continued health of a structure much needed by the entire goddamn vvorld. 

4. There is another issue; sometimes vve seem, fellovvship relevant?, to express things in this manner: Vve express something neat/nice and then an expression is added of that expression, tvvisting the output. Your sponsor may simply be suggesting it to be a good opportunity and something that vvill strengthen your recovery, possibly even keeping you sober and inferring a lack of resources (the latter more collective than your sponsor I assume): essentially telling you here is something you can do that is neat for you, though ending up communicating it harmfully.

Based on the vvording you express him using, I assume an affect/grovvth of a military or slavery kind present (this kind of service I like doing, describing such grovvth, I at least dont mind it - its about my brain frying massively on various points (issues being convinced that psychiatry is necessary and drugs the same, activating upon talking about grovvth [despite strangely remaining sane] (no drugs and meetings does vvonders)). 

Like a goddamn snake, of the stranglatory kind, upon being triggered on specific points tightening its grip. Useful for fellovvship?

Back to the point: the grovvth mentioned; probably affiliation or consumption of a specific kind. Causing inner grovvth. Like eating food from specific source, accompanying microbiology causing grovvth in stomach, at times predictable, causing affect on brain, predictable (at least on some strange non-human level). 

I vvant to be in NA in the USA. Vvould be fun. Its kind of an unfair situation for all addicts to the "pill kind" due to legality issues and control from "medical industry" (spotted a source of conspiracy theories, right from vvithin us; gotta be vvary vvith dishonesty and sharing things causing dishonest grovvth indirectly; join SA to be able to relate to the indirect (unsuppression of neurality)). 

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